The Quickest and Most Effective Strategy (New) To Increase Your Energy Levels

Great energy leads to a greater family life, profitable productivity, and a far more fulfilling life in the major life categories of friendships, money, family, growth/spirituality, romance, and work.  Lack of energy sucks – literally – the life out of you. The strategy I will give you now is the most effective and easiest way to increase your overall energy and zest for life. Simply put: Dominate your transitions.


Transitions make up much of your day-to-day routine, so let’s take one categorical example: your transitions at home.

  • You pull into the garage after work and are about to walk in the front door. That’s a transition.
  • You’re doing some housework/office work and your kids call. You’re about to make a transition.
  • You go from eating dinner to talking to your spouse: transition.
  • You watch a movie, now you need to pay the bills: transition.

And so on.

Without a strategy for your transitions, you’ll deplete your energy levels and this will also affect all those around you. You’ll carry negative energy from work to walking in the front door. You’ll go from housework/office-work to greeting your kids without a full appreciation of their presence. But with the right strategy, you’ll gain a tremendous amount of energy and presence for life.

Here’s the strategy and I encourage you to experiment with it:


Whenever you’re about to transition… delete pressure, decide purpose. Here’s how:

  1. Close your eyes for one minute and repeat the word delete over and over. Command your body to delete all the pressure you feel from the previous activity – even if it was watching T.V. your body builds up pressure. In conversations and tasks, we build up pressure in our physical form and mental thoughts. Delete the pressure from your jaw, head, shoulders, and so on. Keep repeating the word delete for that one minute. You don’t want to carry it to the next activity.
  2. When some – or all (that would be nice!) – of the built up pressure is gone, DECIDE PURPOSE.
    1. Ask, what kind of emotion and energy do I want to feel and bring to this next conversation/task.
    2. When I’m in the conversation/task, what do I want to feel like? What do I want others to feel?

Then move to said next activity. You’ll live with faaar more purpose this way. And I’ll bet the farm that your marriage will immediately improve, conversations with your kids and neighbors will be much more enjoyable, and you’re overall well-being will increase in fast and significant ways that matter most to you.

Because you’ll have more purposeful energy and presence.

There are other ways to boost your energy levels like when I wrote The little known secret to mastering your life and doing so with extra energy and outlined the steps How to have great energy all day long that you should check out because they will help you.

The quickest way (and maybe most effective way) to increase your energy is to dominate your transitions via delete pressure – decide purpose in every single transition.

It only takes a minute or two and you’ll find substantial changes for the betterment of your life and those around you. You’ll feel happier, almost like your living a brand new life.

Much love,


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