How To Improve The Quality of Your Life – Quickly & Permanently

There is a proven life-strategy that dramatically improves the quality of lives – quickly and permanently. I want you to have it. It can be used everyday and it doesn’t take long to implement. The best part is it makes you feel better and puts you on your preferred life path. So let’s get right to it.

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The answer to improving your life quickly and for good is: FOCUS

Specifically… Focus on your Focus.

When you understand what this means, your life will improve immediately and forever.

A guiding question to ask yourself daily: Where is my focus?

Everyone you meet is facing a significant problem. As a result, he or she is focused on the problem. As a problem.

Notice what happens when you focus on a problem as a problem: you go into problem solving mode and you focus on what went wrong. This is natural. It’s also why so many people are restless, resentful, and worried. When you are focused on a problem as a problem, your future becomes readily predictable:

  • You feel down and defeated
  • Your shoulders then shrug, often
  • These emotions and body language become your daily tendency
  • This daily tendency fashions into your thought patterns and passive habits
  • You will reinforce this with a disempowering story about your life
  • This cements your brain wiring, solidifying your story
  • This thinking will invite more problems into your life
  • You will play a victim of your own story
  • This is who you become, your destiny

If there are other people involved in your situation, they become part of the problem to be solved. This story with them included becomes filled with bumps and emotional bruises, packed with plenty of:

  • Blame
  • Shame
  • Guilt

It doesn’t matter whether the problem revolves around the unclean dishes in the kitchen or a painful betrayal that blindsides you – people are pointing fingers with blame, shame and guilt. Why? Because the focus is on the problem as a problem.

This occurs everyday – in all homes and work offices – around the globe. It’s why world leaders can’t make quick progress in the White House, why marriages end in disaster and divorce, and why there is a continual suffocating intolerance among religious groups.

But you are different because you are going to implement the power from these words.

It’s possible for you to improve the quality of your life – quickly & permanently. Here’s exactly how…

  • Alter your focus
  • Your focus leads to your thoughts
  • These thoughts lead to your actions
  • Your actions lead to your habits and routines
  • Your habits lead to your life destiny
  • This explains everything you get in life

If you want a shift (permanent internal change) in your life, then alter your focus. It will improve the quality of your life.

It takes less than 5-seconds. Try it. Focus on a problem in your life and ask how you feel. Now if you stay in that focus, you will have different thoughts, actions, habits, and a different life altogether.

But when you alter your focus, your life will move in an improved direction, and quickly.

So why don’t more people do this? Because they don’t know the following:

You are designed in a way that where your focus goes, your emotions flow.

Grasp that and you will dramatically improve the quality of your life. Here’s why:

All of your actions flow from your emotions. Said in a different way, your emotions lead to all of your actions and behaviors. Anyone who tells you differently assumes a false dichotomy between logic and emotions. The truth is —> whatever you feel, that will become your immediate future – and when your focus remains on those feelings, it leads to your long term future. It’s like this:


Harness the power of this and you are quickly on your way to an exciting future.

To improve the quality of your life quickly, alter your focus. Here are a some examples to jumpstart you:

  • The next time the bottom falls out in your relationship, your brain will immediately react with stress and fear induced chemicals that will cause your body and brain to freeze up or fight. This will create negative emotions, lead to mind-numbing actions, and this carves out your destiny.
    • Alter your focus. You could think, How could I grow from this? I’m excited about how perseverance will steer me in a great direction through this.
  • The next time your friend betrays you, your brain will go into problem solving mode, filled with the emotions of resentment and bitterness. This leads to adverse actions.
    • Alter your focus. Instead of using this betrayal as a filter for all future friendships – which would tarnish your deep and meaningful friendships – ask, How can I view all people as people to be loved rather than as problems to be solved?
  • The next time your job hits hard times, your brain will immediately create anxiety induced emotions, which will lead to hitting the eject button, and that will lead to your destiny (forming a habit of running in tough times).
    • Alter your focus. You could say, Wow, I still earn in the top 5% of the economic world, I have all I need today, and we will make it through this stronger and wealthier as a result.
  • The next time you wake up and your brain immediately tells you, You’re tired, this will create disempowering emotions, leading to lazy action and a lethargic attitude, and this becomes how people perceive you.
    • Alter your focus. You could say to yourself, Wow, I’m so grateful I woke up today – and in good health. Or any number of things to alter your focus.


When you focus on what goes wrong, you lose sight of what goes right. When you focus on the problem, you blame, shame, and guilt others and yourself. You’ll point 1-finger at others, with 3-fingers pointing back at yourself — fracturing the relationship. When you focus on the problem you invite more drama and problems. When you focus on the problem, you numb yourself with mindless television, drug addictions, and alcohol. When you focus on the problem, you are just trying to survive; but when you focus on the good, you begin improve the quality of your life and you will thrive.

I want you to thrive.


  1. Make the following question a significant part of your daily pattern: Where is my focus right now? How does that make me feel?
  2. Focus on your focus. Write that phrase down and put it up on your wall, save it as your computer screen, knit it. Whatever it takes. It will improve the quality of your life.
  3. To improve your life quickly, alter your focus. To make this a long-term life-style, begin mastering your emotional state. There are three ways to do this and one of the ways is: master your focus.
  4. Don’t focus on what you don’t want and don’t focus on your fears. Because where your focus goes, your life goes. This means if you focus on what you don’t want, your life will go towards more of what you don’t want. If you focus on your fears, your life feels more fear. Your restless nights testify to this fact.
  5. Instead, focus on who you want to become and on what you want. Your continual focus will lead you to it. Everything you have in life is because of where your focus was in your yesterdays. Everything you will have in your life tomorrow will be because of where your focus is today.

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