ENERGY: How to have great energy – all day long – everyday

The top 11 energy boosters for everyday living

On a scale of 1-10, 1 indicating you have no energy throughout the day – feeling drained, sapped, negative, and exhausted – and 10 indicating oodles of great energy all day – feeling fresh, alive, positive, and productive, what number would you give yourself on a typical day? In this video/post I will help you get your # up to a consistent 8 – Great Energy all day long, as your new norm.


If every midnight you reset your energy level to 100%, then woke up to the day feeling refreshed, alive, and full of great energy, would it make a difference?

  • What about going to work, performing at high levels, not letting the stresses get to you?
  • What if you could enjoy your days more?
  • What if you could feel more alive with your spouse?
  • What if, when your kids asked you to play, you hopped right up with the springs of a bunny? Would that make a difference in how your kids perceive you?

Life can be challenging. But having depleted energy makes you feel like you’re living in quicksand.

I know there are work demands, parenting demands, and social demands. I get it. You get it.

There are responsibilities galore:

  • Juggling a full time job
  • Providing a paycheck
  • Making dinner for the family
  • Getting the kids dressed and out the door
  • Taking care of the yard
  • Starting your side business
  • Coaching the team

You need more quality energy to do what you want to do and live the kind of life you want to live.

To live a life that matters most to you requires a different kind of energy – a fresh, qualitative energy consistently at an 8+.



Most of our society is tired, lethargic, and the bounce in their step is gone. People are walking around with heavy weights on their shoulders.

It’s sad because these people have good intentions.

They are reaching for the wrong energy sources and this leads to hyperactivity, ups and downs, and a longing for the “good-ole-days.” They are reaching for:

  • More and more coffee
  • Caffeinated drinks
  • The “top of the mountain,” thinking if they burn the candle at both ends long enough, they will “get ahead.” That if they can just get ahead, all will be well
  • Relational affairs, thinking this will reignite the passion and energy in life

I did a couple of these things in order to get more energy, too, like “burn the candle at both ends” and drink coffee.

I didn’t drink coffee my whole life, then one day my wife asked me to come into the kitchen because she had something to show me. I said, “What up?” She said, “Take a look at this,” then proceeded to hand me a pregnancy test with a + sign.

I kid you not, I went out that night and bought a coffee maker and coffee grounds in anticipation of how tired I’d be. I’d already gone through raising one baby, I knew what was in store. From that day forward, I drank coffee everyday for 5 years. Like, 6+ cups a day kind of coffee.

My body and brain went up and down up, jolt and crash – everyday.

Then I heard something about energy that changed my whole perspective on how to

live my life on a day-by-day basis. How to elevate my energy naturally, consistently.

I haven’t drank coffee since, not that drinking coffee in moderation is bad for you. I just don’t need it.

I haven’t felt the need to burn the candle at both ends, either, because my productivity has increased by more than 35% throughout the day as a result of applying these things I’m giving you today.

Want a better, more energetic spirit with great and positive energy flowing within you?

Change the way you think about energy.

Here’s how:

It isn’t something you receive, it’s something you cause. It’s something you generate and bring into being.



As Einstein once said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. This is not philosophy, but physics.”

In other words, energy is something you can cause. Like a power plant generates it, you generate energy.

Or think about the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat. The former indicates what the temperature currently is, but a thermostat indicates what the temperature could be. The thermostat has the power to cause the temperature. So do you.

You can set and reset your energy levels at any time.

You can engineer your energy.

When you decide to manage your energy, you’ll not only get your life back, you’ll soar.

Since it’s a limited resource, you must manage it with intention, continually generating more quality energy whenever you want. Here are the top 11 ways to do just that:


#1   BED – Get your sleep

If energy is your power source, sleep recharges the batteries. Set a bed-time and wake-time because your body and brain rebuild during sleep. The data is conclusive about needing 7-9 hours of sleep. Most athletes and high performers sleep more.

Getting the right amount of sleep improves your productivity, rejuvenates your creative juices, and refreshes your spirit. Take an hour away from sleep and you feel more stress, your ability to cope decreases, and your decision making process becomes impaired.

You know this, but common sense isn’t always common practice. Do you want an energy level at an 8+? Get the right amount of sleep.


#2   BEVERAGES – Drink lots of water

Drinking more water is the gateway to more energy. To add more benefits, like boosting your immune system, freshening the skin, and helping digestion, add warm lemon to your water first thing in the morning.

You’ve been in a desert all night long. Your body needs water as soon as you get up. I immediately drink a liter. Whatever amount you choose, just go for it.

I’m friends with a lot of nurses and doctors and they tell me that most peoples’ REAL problems is a lack of water. What they say to most of their patients is, “Just drink more water.”

  • You’re not hungry, you need water.
  • Your body is acting up because you need hydrated.
  • Water is essential for your physiological systems and psychological state to be in optimal working order.
  • Headache? Drink more water.

It’s an energy boost.

What about coffee?

There are studies defending coffee consumption and studies decrying it. Just be careful about the acidic nature of it. And remember, your body is 70+% water – so that’s always your best choice for more consistent qualitative energy.


#3   BRAIN – input = output

What are you allowing into your brain? What television shows are you watching? News?

I’m not a curmudgeon – I love binge watching a good TV series – but you know, right? What you put into your head is how you see the world.

Your thoughts become your actions or inactions. Think about the wrong things and your energy levels go way down. Ever see someone moping around after a break up? It’s because his thoughts are about loss.

Change your thoughts, change your energy. Change that, and you change your life. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Read good books. I read mostly non-fiction, but try to read fiction at night so as to manage/calm my energy in prep for sleep.
  • Listen to life-improvement audiobooks or podcasts.
  • Use affirmation cards.
  • Visualize your goals.
  • Read truth reminders. Every morning and night, I go through what I call truth reminders – thoughts, phrases, and ideas I’ve written on cards that remind me of my identity, vision, purpose, and goals.


#4   BODY – Exercise every day

I exercise first thing in the morning because motion creates emotion. Exercise…

  • Elevates the mood with release of endorphins and dopamine, which triggers good ENERGY.
  • Oxygenates the body and brain with increased blood circulation.
  • Builds stamina and discipline.

You know your body best, but most people should be doing anaerobic exercise 2-3x a week and aerobic exercise 2-3x a week. Do what you enjoy doing.

I also incorporate one 30-60 minute walk per day during the middle of the day. It boosts your creativity, blood flow, and gets you that much needed vitamin D.


#5  BAD FOODS – cut out the bad foods

If you’re honest, you are sabotaging your own energy by eating bad food.

If you want your energy to naturally spike – on a consistent 8+ basis – avoid (like the plague!) breads and glycemic carbs found in stuff like white grains, white flour, candy, and all processed food.

It might give you a nice little energy kick, but you will crash – making you far less energetic throughout the rest of your day.

Becoming fatigued, losing focus, and decreased productivity are all related to your blood sugar (What you eat).

Then, of course, put in the good foods. Also add a multivitamin so your energy levels stay up, particular a good one with vitamin B and D. I take others, but you get the idea.

In part two of “How to have great energy all day long – everyday,” I will reveal the final energy boosters for your life.  They are so powerful and practical that you’ll be able to get your energy to a quality 8+ on a consistent basis.

p.s. BELIEVE in yourself, continue to LOVE others, and live with PURPOSE and PASSION.


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