EASTER: How it’s the Super Bowl of Christianity

An Easter story for everyone

In the Christian world, Easter is bigger than Thanksgiving. It’s bigger than Christmas. It’s so big, that without the meaning of Easter, Christianity crumbles. Easter, that is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, is the heartbeat – the Super Bowl – of Christianity. And Easter is for everyone, regardless of whether – or how much – one believes in any faith. In this post/video I will tell you a story of how this could be and what it means.


I grew up in a loving home, as the son of a preacher man (yes, sing it Dusty Springfield!). Easter not only gave us the powerful reminder of faith, but it gave us chocolate – lots of chocolate! And, my personal favorite, Easter egg hunts!

The commercial side of Easter tends to get frowned upon in the church – personally, I just wish the Easter Bunny was a little less creepy! – which is understandable when someone is trying to defend God or feels some insecurities about the perceived loss of a prized holiday.

But God doesn’t need defending. And Easter is bigger than a boxed-in calendarized holiday. In fact:

  • It’s bigger than the Super Bowl.
  • It’s bigger than me.
  • It’s bigger than you.

But Easter is for you and me, regardless of our faith journeys.

And we’re all on a journey. We’re all doing the best we can.

Here’s why Easter is such a big deal in the Christian faith and why it’s for everyone: Christians believe God loves everyone in the world (not just Christians) so much – although the church needs lots of forgiveness for not demonstrating this very well – that instead of leaving human beings to themselves in all their aches, aloneness, anxieties, and finitude (live, die and that’s it) He came to the world in order to demonstrate this UNCONDITIONAL love.

To which I frequently hear a common sense and astute reply, Why, if God wanted to save the world, would He become a human being to do it? Couldn’t He just wave His hand across the sky like Obie-One-Kenobi or email us the terms and conditions for salvation?

Of course, this assumes there is a God, and that this God cares enough to save human beings from themselves. Easter also assumes the Christian version of God, which probably sounds offensive but isn’t meant as such.



The answer to the aforementioned questions demonstrates how Easter is both the Super Bowl of Christianity and a holiday meant for everyone – regardless of faith.

Following a person named Anselm, who lived in England during the time of Peasants, Knights, Lords, and Kings and Queens, I give the answer now in a story. The story assumes that one understands the context of Anselm’s time – Peasants, Knights, etc. In their day, the highest virtue was HONOR. Honoring one another was how relationships worked. If honor is breeched, one would need to make “satisfaction” in order to make the relationship right.

Let’s say you are really, really hungry, and you see an apple cart full of delicious looking apples next to the King and Queen’s castle. The problem is you don’t even have the money to purchase a single apple. It’s not that you haven’t tried to get a job, you have. But as a peasant, you are constrained to peasant life and feel no sense of hope for upward mobility in the medieval economic ages. So what do you do?

You walk nonchalantly over to the applecart and steal a few apples.

In those days, this is against the primary value of the culture – honor.

You quickly turn and coolly walk away from the cart. You make it about a block down the dirt road, only to have the palace guard horses suddenly surround you.

You feel all the oxygen leave your body as you stand there, limp. Caught. They don’t even have to ask. And you know they know that you stole those apples, now hidden in your pockets.

As the guards demand you showcase what’s inside your pockets, you try to explain just how hungry you and your family are, but your reasonable justification falls on deaf ears…

Tired of your prayers not getting results? Try this. (+ the HUGE benefits of meditation)

If you’re tired of praying without getting results. If within 2 minutes of praying, your mind wanders beyond the point of no return. If your jaded about the legitimacy of prayer. If you want to discover the HUGE benefits of meditation. Or if you just wish better things would happen for your life. Then you’re normal. Then there’s a solution here for you. One that will get you results for the rest of your life.

photocourtesyof: creative images


I have grown up around people of faith my entire life, and in the past 10 years I’ve spend a significant amount of time with people from all over the world and from a variety of faiths, and they all admit to one thing.

They all struggle with prayer.

  • With sitting still.
  • With their mind wandering
  • With getting a lack of results

Maybe you’re not religious. That’s cool. I think it’s pretty open-minded of you to read an article like this. I have a lot to learn from you. There’s something amazing in here for you too.

When people pray, they pray for results. Even kids. I just asked my 8-year-old, what do you think of when I say “prayer”? Her reply:

That everyone would say, “YES,” to whatever I wanted.

LOL. But really, isn’t that kind of the dominant model of prayer these days?

Human beings ask God for things and stuff, healing and help, justice and mercy. Then we expect God to respond and transform the circumstances around us… according to our imagination.

Like a Genie.

I’m not judging. That’s all helpful. Really. We mine as well, right?

But here’s the problem with that approach, if it could be considered a problem.

It focuses on…


What the heck is this supposed to mean?! That phrase, wives submit to your husbands, comes from the best selling book of all time, The Bible, particularly in Ephesians 5:22, and has been used to dis the Bible, Christianity, and men. It’s no wonder, too, since is was written by A MAN way back in a MAN’S WORLD!

photo courtesy of dollarphotoclub contributor=michaeljung

I chose to write this piece now in honor of my wife and I’s upcoming anniversary because, as I shall demonstrate in this summary post, it can lead to a whole new beautiful world – not just for men, but for women, children, and every profession.

Unfortunately, too many men in power have highjacked the phrase to place a straightjacket around women, probably because men like power, prestige, and prominence – a lot.

To make the idea more culturally palatable, the phrase is sometimes cloaked in other unfinished and uncertain phrases like, “Men are the natural leaders” and “Women need a strong leader.”

Of course it’s also true that there are “Women who are natural leaders” and “Men who need a strong leader,” but those are unfortunately dismissed from the conversation with calm presuppositional missteps or, worse, a patronizing eye-roll.

Get to the point, aaron!

The point is…

Who Are You Listening To? Change Your Story, Change Your Life.

What kind of person do you want to be? You can make millions of dollars and have multiple streams of passive income. You can live almost anywhere in the world – ocean, beach, mountains. You can get that beautiful girl to finally notice you. You can become an acclaimed published author. You can become a success story. You can get your kids to consistently adore you. You can become irresistibly attractive. Your influence can grow into a legacy. You can start that non-profit and make your difference in the world. You can. You can. You can. It all depends on the story you’re telling yourself.

photo courtesy of dollarphotoclub contributor=igorigorevich

If you think that’s motivational rubbish, I’d say you’re listening to the wrong stories in life. You need a fresh story, a better story.

Because when you improve your story, you improve your life.

There’s an old, old – really old – story I read the other day. 3,000 years old. The story is part of a broader history book. After dusting it off, I sat down, flipped it open and found this astonishing tale that included a war, blood, fires, love, heartbreak, and a scared man named Gideon.

The story resonated so deeply – filling my heart and smacking the nonsense out of me – that it caused me to share a profound takeaway with you day: