There’s More Available For You. Here’s How To Get It.

You can have more in your life and work beginning today. Someone with an unlimited and generous capacity to give you more created you with the hardwiring to tap into receiving more. It’s available. Everyone wants more, but not everyone admits it. Everyone desires more, but not everyone can handle it. More is a universal, innate desire that’s not going away, and it’s available to you everyday –> More for your marriage. More money. More love. More passion. More space. More kindness. More gratitude. More joy.

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Marketers have figured out this human condition. This is why they talk about upsizing and king-sizing. They dangle in front of you not just any house, but more house; not just any truck, but more truck; not just any theater popcorn but buckets full of popcorn; and, not just any sale, but more value if you get more.

It’s not just materialistic. You want more quality of life, more purpose and peace, more in your marriage, more passion and love, and more quality time.

When it comes to more, there are four broad categories of people:

  1. People who say, If I could just get _______ (whatever they want more of), then I wouldn’t need any more of anything.
  2. People who laugh at category #1 because they used to be in category #1 but have since accomplished a major dream, jumped a huge hurdle, lived a bucket list experience, and still find themselves wanting more. They acknowledge a desire for more, wonder when it’s enough, and feel a tension about what to do with it.
  3. People telling everyone else they shouldn’t want more – to be content with what they have and with who they are because, ironically, there is more for them in the afterlife. Some minimalists (not all) and some church tradition (not all) teach this. But contrary to that stream of thought, the New Testament promises more – immeasurable more for you – both in the here and now and later.
  4. People who are currently jaded with the idea of more. So they settle and take whatever life dishes them. The reasons for this are numerous. They could be tired of the rat race, relationally scarred, or have experienced a shattered dream. The result is the same: the bar gets lowered, the dream gets shelved, and sometimes they wind up living vicariously through their kids.

Your desire for more will never go away. One huge reason for this is because more is available to you. No matter how many people populate the earth. More is available for you to share, experience, embrace, know, and do. More is available.

It’s the law of abundance at work. Some opt to believe in the law of scarcity, but I assume the law of abundance, which means there’s more than enough for you to create an amazing life experience.

And that means you can reconsider your passions, pursuits, purpose, life-plan, and dreams. Whether it’s as a full-time gig, part-time hobby, or interwoven between work and life.

You can do more of what matters most to you. You can stick out from the crowd. You can design a life that matters to you.

Start by asking yourself two important questions:

  1. What percentage of me believes there is more available for me? 1%?   10%?   17%?  Other?
  2. How much more of what’s available to me can I realistically attain in my life and work? 25%   40%?   60%?   Other?

If you answered 100% for each of the two questions then pat yourself on the back. However, you are probably fudging a bit. Either way, here is an exercise to help you increase your % so that you can get more of what is available to you.

It’s called the nine dots puzzle. Grab a pen and some paper and copy these nine dots arranged as below. The colors are irrelevant to the exercise.

Round Icons

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Now place your pen on the paper and connect the dots by drawing four straight, continuous lines that pass through each of the nine dots. The catch is you can never lift the pen from the paper. Give it a shot.

To get more out of this post, try the nine dot exercise before reading any further.

Most people *fail* in their first attempt. And that’s the point. Here’s how you get to the solution, which is a metaphor to show you how to get more of what’s available to you.

  1. Place your pen on the bottom right green dot.
  2. Line 1: Draw through the middle green dot up to the yellow dot. Hold there.
  3. Line 2: Draw to the right, through both the purple and blue dots (top line). Keep going past the blue dot into the white space. Stop in the white space.
  4. Line 3: Draw through the blue line on the 2nd row, through the orange dot on the bottom row, stopping in the white space below the red dot.
  5. Line 4: Draw up through the red and pink dots, landing on the yellow dot.

Wait, you say, that’s not fair, you can’t go outside the lines, parameters, or box.

My question to you is, what lines, parameters, or box?

Mull on that until the next post, where you’ll see how all this is connected, as well as receive tips and takeaways in how to get what’s available for you now. Because there’s so much more available for you.

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